Thursday, January 13, 2011

That's Just Ingenious

I love to wander cyberspace in search of interesting handmade goods .  Stuff where you can tell the artists take pride in what they do, put heart and soul into making  it is as good as it can possibly be. Once in a while, not everyday, not even every week, what I see makes me stop dead in my tracks.

How in the world did Shelly Mac of Motherbored come up with that brilliant idea, it's just ingenious in the truest sense of the word.

The folks at Webster's Online Dictionary say ingenuity is:

1. The power of creative imagination
2. The property of being ingenious; "a plot of great ingenuity".
3. The quality or power of ready invention; quickness or acuteness in forming new combinations; ingeniousness; skill in devising or combining.
4. Curiousness, or cleverness in design or contrivance; as, the ingenuity of a plan, or of mechanism.
5. Openness of heart; ingenuousness

Yes, ingenuity is all that, but I think it is a bit more.  Ingenuity takes a bad situation and handles it better, or brings a discarded item to new life like Ellen at NotYoMommasHandbag does.

Times like these require human ingenuity when it comes to learning how to live with less consumption and more responsibility for stewardship of the earth. If you can take something which has lost it's commercial value and make it beautiful and re-valuable like these wonderful spent gift card bracelets by RadicalRecycks

Well, you're not only creative, you're ingenious as well. My new friends in the Etsy Upcycler's Team are doing this, beautifully.   I'm twirling around through all your links and will post some more of the great stuff here as I find it. For now, just know... It's wonderful to meet all of you ingenious people.


  1. Great post, I have discovered some awesome recyclers on the upcyclers team too. How do they come up with these ideas, I'm always stuck.

  2. I always feel bad tossing my used gift cards- what a waste. I had no idea they could look so cute as a bracelet!