Monday, January 17, 2011

Disappearing Ink

Back in the early days of computers, the technology community predicted we would someday be a "paperless society".  I don't think I'll see that in my lifetime...but  I am ready to concede there have been some significant decreases in the amount of paperwork I personally handle in my life.

I used to leave my doctor's office with a handful of scripts for diagnostic procedures, regularly recurring prescriptions, forms to file with the insurance company and a validated parking ticket. It was a fistful of tree debris.

Last time I went... nada, nothing, zero, zilch.  The prescriptions were faxed, the HSA health card covered the cyber transaction, my medical records were dictated into a recorder and downloaded to some files which then authorized me to show up for my mammogram. When I drove over the bridge to go home, the transponder on my windshield automatically deducted the toll from my bank account electronically. I hardly even need to carry any paper money anymore.

This was not the world of November 11, 1951 when Mr. ??? received this prescription from Dr. Elliot for the ???? which would surely solve his health problems for good.  Our mystery man, took this mystery vintage script right down to Goodwin's Pharmacy in Apex, NC where it was filled and then filed in a huge wall of aged oak drawers until they closed the old place down and stacks of drawers were carted off to a far away antique store.

In the old days I was never able to spend more than the paper I had in my pocket .  I had to get up off my duff and walk down the isle in the drug store to turn the prescription in, which, by the way, only burned the calories I got drinking a coke at the soda fountain while the druggist filled the script. Today, someone will at least be able to read the Doc's keystrokes better than his handwriting , but, then again,  I don't have access to the files to be sure.

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  1. What Fun! Apex is right up the road from me!
    I posted about your fun blog today on my blog
    Thank you for the previous mention!

  2. This is a wonderful piece of Americana! I would love to find the old library drawers with the cards inside, wouldn't you?
    Thanks for following me...I'm doing the same!

  3. Why does this make me drool so? Answer me that!
    And if Linda D. of Itsy Bits and Pieces follows you must have good taste!
    so pleased to meet you.
    xoxo Kim

  4. love your fun blog - i've become a follower and added you to my blogroll... hugs, antonella :-)