Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mc Job

This week's nationwide employment extravaganza at McDonald's Corporation got me thinking about the job I had working for the hamburger king back in 1975.  I was a fresh faced twenty something and the job they gave me was far from a Mc job.  It was a wonderful experience.  I was hired to be a STAR and given a pair of sterling silver arches made by Tiffany and Co. in New York.

STAR stood for Store Activities Director and put me in charge of an ever expanding effort on the part of the corporation to involve itself in the broader community by doing charitable work on a local level.  It also had me coordinating the brand new birthday party concept and overseeing the distribution of another new program which included in store premiums like glassware, coffee cups and gifts for kids.  In the five stores I was responsible for, I raised money for band uniforms, hospitals, elderly services and held bike safety events.  I toured Ronald McDonald through crowds of happy children and when it was all over, I made myself a nice little memory box of Mc papers and toys.

This week, over thirty years after the fact, I took out my little Mc time capsule and found a big golden Mc nugget.  My humble little pile of hoarded memories has apparently been appreciating in value..... Mc bigtime.  My hoard of pre- Happy Meal games, corporate memos and premium samples are rare finds for collectors these days.  So... thanks Ronald for another happy Mc-day. 


  1. What a great piece of history! I love it!!

  2. Gee and all I got to do was smile and sell burgers! However, I was the first and only person working at McDonalds (back in 1970) to receive a tip...actually two in one manager didn't know what to do, it had never happened before, so I took them! What can I say, I really liked my job...ha ha..june