Monday, February 7, 2011

A, B, See

As a child, I had a huge fascination with Helen Keller and all things having to do with blindness.   I loved to color and read and.... according to my family..... spend an inordinate amount of time staring at myself while dancing in front of a mirror.  How in the world was Helen Keller coping with a sightless and soundless life?

Maybe I have Helen Keller nostalgia today because I've come across a stash of vintage braille paper.  Could I read this if I gave it a little effort? 

All I can feel is a general sense of texture.  Perhaps if I do a rubbing, I'll be able to see the dots and decipher what they mean?

Nope, no help at all. I guess if my worst fears ever come true, I'll  have to rely on a talking book reader because reading braille seems next to impossible at this point. 

I hear the braille paper I found is highly prized by collage makers and journalers .  The textures are gorgeous and the stock itself is thick and receptive.  Adding color and form to a page which was once read by someone who could see neither will seem hauntingly redemptive to me.

If you never got the pleasure of meeting Helen Keller or only saw her portrayed in movies, here is a brief clip of the real (incredibly inspiring) Helen.

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